Andy Cohen Calls Cat Shelter *De Poezenboot* “Floating Pit of Feline AIDS” On WWHL

So shocked & appalled at Andy Cohen’s “Jackhole of the Day” remark, on Watch What Happens Live, stigmatizing homeless cats (that are rescued & given a home on a boat in Amsterdam). (At 20:15 in this video) Saying:

“My Jackhole of the day goes to something I stumbled across on the internet. It has been grossing me out all day. It’s called ‘De Poezenboot’- The Cat boat in Amsterdam! Okay this is the most disgusting thing in the world. What is the purpose of this floating hell? It is a boat full of *CATS*–cats hate water! Who in their right mind would want to go on an entire boat filled with cats, aka Poop Boat, aka Floating pit of Feline AIDS..”

– Andy Cohen giving * De Poezenboot * “Jackhole of the Day award, on “Watch What Happens Live” on Bravo ~ 19 May 2014 (at 20:16 in this video)
(Really, Andy??)

I could not believe what I heard. The same man who says he was offended by NENE LEAKES’ calling a gay cast member a “Queen”, feels it’s alright to add insult to injury by stigmatizing homeless cats as having Feline AIDS.

Shocked & Appalled! No being deserves to have AIDS, let alone carry a stigma of having such a devastating illness, because they are not fortunate enough to be loved and have a home, or by sexual orientation. As a gay man, one would think you would have more sensitivity, Andy Cohen. I don’t stand for people saying all gay men have AIDS, and I will not pretend it’s alright for you to spew such an ignorant and cruel comment.

I can think of someone who truly does deserve the “Jackhole of the Day” title, Andy Cohen.

P.S. I had been enjoying your show up until then. Even Ricky Martin & Sara Bareilles lookeduncomfortable at that moment.


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