The Bounty of a Middle Eastern Platter

After watching “The Shahs of Sunset”, I often find myself craving the delicious nibbles and bites of the amazing spreads they seem to always have on the ready should a visitor arrive. I love tasting dishes from foreign countries (w/o meat-so many great substitutions are available), and I do so enjoy taking my sweet time nibbling…really enjoying the company of friends. This is a spread that would be perfect for *girls night*, family get-togethers, or an intimate meal for 2….♥

for the love of yum

My younger sister and I are practically in constant contact.  She is half a world away from me in Dubai, but we use all forms of communication whether it is Blackberry messenger, MSN messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail chat, and Skype to keep in touch.  Sometimes we have multiple conversations going on at the same time through these various messaging programs.  We are even known to chat with each other online while in the same room.  When we all come to my parents’ house we call our dining room table the “IT Center.”  My sister, my husband, my sister’s fiancé, my cousin, Henna, and myself all have our laptops open  on the table doing our own thing and also chatting with each other.  If anyone else ever walked in, I’m sure they would think we were not completely “normal.”

The reason I mention these vast forms of communication is because my…

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